Prescriptive Analytics for Homebuilders

Improve Productivity | Reduce Costs | Increase Sales

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Empower Executives
  • Single source for all information
  • Increased certainty
  • Automated reports and predictive analytics
Inspire Managers
  • Track progress and benchmarks
  • Focus on issues as they happen
  • Run strategy meetings vs updating
Motivate Employees
  • Personal dashboards tailored for each employees' role
  • Visuals prompting next action
  • KPI's to motivate productivity


  • Paying employees to generate reports when they could be making business decisions and taking action
  • Losing emails and the difficulty of referencing information causes costly interruptions and uncertainty in strategy
  • Time and money is wasted searching for answers to valuable business questions located in multiple databases


  • Automated reporting provides your team with updated answers and more time to strategize and execute decisions
  • "Buzz" messenger feature allows for communication near each report so everyone is on the same page
  • Consolidating all your reporting functions to a single-source saves time, money and makes your team smarter


  • Completing projects more efficiently; identifying bottlenecks and obstacles quickly; a company that runs itself
  • More strategy meetings; less time spent updating team; easily refer to past conversations to address debates in a timely manner
  • One-source of truth, increased certainty in making accurate business decisions; employees empowered to take action