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Automated reporting and analytic dashboards ready to use in as little as one week.

Financial Dashboard:

• Real time financial reports and auto-refreshing analytics gives you the ability to make business decisions with more certainty.

• Predictive analytics gives you a clearer view of what could be.

• Pivot to market changes AS they happen rather than after.

Marketing Dashboard:

• Know the best sources of marketing to invest in based on results.

• Create marketing campaigns focused toward ideal customers by using customer persona tracking.

• Track current campaigns with visuals and create a clear strategy for future campaigns based on the results of the current ones.

Purchasing Dashboard:

• Know exactly what you are spending at all times.

• Be able to predict variances with more certainty.

• Realize increases in supplies and labor right away and be able pivot in a timely manner.

Sales Dashboard:

• Quickly see exactly what your sales team is doing at all times.

• Personalized dashboards provides each agent with exactly what they need to know to be successful.

• Identify who is successful and who needs attention quickly to make decisions effectively.

Scheduling Dashboard:

• Identify bottlenecks in productivity as they happen.

• Use predictive analytics to determine upcoming obstacles or successes to be better prepared.

• Spend more time strategizing based on dashboards instead of updating and organizing.

Consulting and Customization

Do you have custom reports you have built specifically for your company? Are you depending on Excel to find answes? Builders who use Build Intelligence have an assigned expert analyst and engineer who work with you to create the reports and analytics you are looking for.


Do you have custom databases for your company?

Do you have multiple databases?

Data Structure

Do you have custom reports you would like created?

Are you looking for predictive analytics?


Are you tired of looking at spreadsheets?

Do you want your reports to look a certain way?